DIY Thigh High Socks/Stockings


Since we are finally getting warmer weather I thought it might be time to start hoarding all the sweater tights that are on clearance and making a tonne of these! They are a major staple for the mid-level weather. PLUS these things are not easy to find in a regular store, well, at least that has been my experience. On to the tutorial!


Thick or Sweater Stockings (Found mind at Target!)

1″ Elastic

Fabric Scissors

Sewing Machine

Safety Pin

Straight Pins (Optional)

Step 1: Lay your pair of tights on a flat surface. Using your fabric scissors, cut across the very top of where the torso meets the leg. Do this for both legs. Shorten depending on where you would like your thigh-highs to sit on your thigh.

Step 2: Set the top of the tights aside and one of the legs to concentrate on one leg. Take the elastic that you have and wrap it around the part of your thigh you would like the thigh-highs to hit. Ensure that the elastic is tight enough to stay put on your leg but not so tight that it cuts off your circulation. Snip the elastic at the appropriate length and copy this length for a second cut of elastic.

Step 3: Put the elastic aside. Take the top of the leg you are currently working on and put it inside out. Measure down 1 1/2″ from the cut edge. Fold towards the wrong side equally around at the 1 1/2″ mark. (See video if you would like a less confusing demonstration).

Step 4: Stretching the fabric as you go, sewing along the cut edge of the fold you just made with a zigzag stitch to make a casing for the elastic. Make sure to leave about an inch open to put the elastic into.

Step 5: Taking one piece of elastic, attach a safety pin to one end. Push the elastic through the casing while holding the safety pin. Pull the safety pin out the other side, ensuring that the elastic has not twisted. Push whatever elastic is left on the outside of the casing into it by stretching the top of the leg.

Step 6: Take both ends of the elastic and sew them together flat with a zigzag stitch.

Step 7: Sew the opening of the casing closed using a zigzag stitch. Sew around the casing once more, making sure you are sewing on the elastic. Be sure to stretch the elastic on both sides as you go so that when you put the thigh-highs on, the thread doesn’t break.

Step 8: Repeat all previous steps for the second leg.

If you don’t want to waste the top of the tights that you cut off, it could easily be made into a bandeau if you cut off the crotch part. To finish off the raw edge refer to our DIY bandeau blog post!

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5 Tips: Getting Ready in a Hurry!

1.    No Run Pantyhose/Tights

       place in freezer

       keep in freezer for about 30 minutes before you leave

       no runs in your pantyhose/tights

2.    New Shoes – Slippery Soles

       a cheese grater

       grate your soles

       it gives the bottoms friction so you won’t slip on the dancefloor

3.    Quick Steam

       hang in shower

       place top on hanger and hang in bathroom while you shower

       the steam will press out your creases

4.    No Time For Shower

       dry shampoo to style your non-washed hair

       to add an extra scent spray your fingertips  with an oil based fragrance and run through your hair

5.    Deodorant Marks

       dryer sheet

       rub at the white residue with the dryer sheet to rid of the marks

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5 Tips: Easy and Cheap at Home Beauty Remedies!

Here are 5 easy and cheap ways to get great skin, lips and hair without breaking the bank!

  1. Blackheads – White School Glue

–       Wash your face and pat dry making sure nose or area with blackheads is dry.

–       Apply white school glue as a thin layer covering the affected area.

–       Wait until glue sets and is completely dried to area.

–       Then peel off the glue.

  1. Facial Scrub – Honey & Brown Sugar

–       Mix equal parts together and apply to face in circular motions.

–       For extra exfoliation, mix two parts brown sugar for every part honey.

–       Will leave skin smooth and complexion slightly brighter.

  1. Lip Scrub – Vaseline & Raw Sugar

–       Mix equal parts together and apply to lips.

–       For easier exfoliation, use a toothbrush to apply scrub to lips.

–       Removes all dead skin, and leaves lips soft.

  1. Beach Waves – water & sea salt

–       In a spray bottle add water and 1 to 2 tbsp. sea salt.

–       Shake and spray generously all over your hair.

–       Leave to air dry.

–       Perfect beach waves without the beach.

  1. Lighter Hair – Lemon Juice

–       Put lemon juice in spray bottle and spray genoursly over hair or cut a lemon in half and rub over your locks.

–       Go outside for 20 to 30 minutes.

Have natural lighter hair.


DIY Bandeau Top (Easy Tank Top Reconstruction)


Here is an easy way to make a perfectly fitting bandeau top from an old tank top. I used the bottom half of the tank top I used for the crop top DIY so you can easily get two tops from one tank top!

Supplies you will need for this project:
-The bottom half of a tank top
-Elastic that is 3/8″ wide or less
-Safety pin
-Seam ripper
-Fabric Scissors
-Sewing Machine
-Fabric pins
-Sewing needle
-Matching Thread
-Fabric Marker or Chalk

Step 1: Figure out how long you would like your bandeau to be. If you would like it to be closer to a bandeau bra, measure on your body what the shortest possible length would be and then add two times the width of your elastic. Draw a line and then cut there one layer at a time.

Step 2: Take your elastic and wrap it around the top of your bust. When you feel like it is the tightness that you want, pinch the spot where you would like to cut and cut it with your fabric scissors. Measure the length of your elastic and set aside the measurement for later.

Step 3: Bring together both ends of the elastic you just cut, ensuring that the elastic has not twisted, and sew across so they are firmly attached. Set this aside.

Step 4: Use the measurement you wrote down earlier and cut another piece of elastic at that length. Take one end of this elastic and attach a safety pin.

Step 5: Take your seam ripper and open up the side seam inside the hem allowance just enough for the elastic to fit inside the hem allowance that is already there. Push the elastic through the casing and full the fabric over top of the elastic as you go. Once the elastic has been fully threaded through the casing, remove the safety pin and sew both ends of the elastic together.

Step 6: Close the casing by whip stitching the spot where you seam ripped open with a thread and needle.

Step 7: Take the elastic that you set aside and mark 4 times equally around the elastic the same way as the DIY crop top tutorial. Pin one marking to the side seam on the inside of the raw edge of the bandeau. Pin the exact opposite marking to the other side seam. Mark the centre front and centre back of the bandeau at the raw edge. Pin the other two markings on the elastic to the centre front and centre back markings.

Step 8: Sew along the raw edge with a zig zag ztitch, stretching the elastic to match the raw edge as you go.

Step 9: Fold over the raw edge towards the inside of the bandeau. Sew with a wider zigzag stitch with the fold touching the 1/4″ mark on the sewing machine. Stretch as you go. This will be the top of the bandeau.

Step 10: Put the bandeau on yourself or a dress form and pinch the top of the centre front about an inch and secure with a safety pin.

Step 11: Take your needle and thread and hand stitch up the centre of the gathered portion. Continue to go through the gathers several times, pulling it tight, until you get the look that you desire. Be sure to knot on the inside of the garment and you’re done!

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