Spring/Summer Favourite Trends and Inspiration: Floral

Here in Northern America, we experience the warming of air that one might like to call spring around this time of year. In Canada, we have experienced the weirdest weather possible for a winter in this area. Christmas was completely green! When we did get snow, it melted almost immediately (for the most part). With warmer weather comes fresh new clothing! This excites me because the new collections and trends express a new beginning. One of my favourites of the many trends is floral. Floral is just SO great because prints are REALLY big right now and how better to express the new season than with GORGEOUS florals?!  So let’s begin the eye candy. Am I right?


The great thing about this dress is the colours of the fabric. Gorgeous, right? I am a big fan of pinks, purples and yellows together.


Floral pants?! Who knew? They’re super cute and bring an awesome touch to an outfit. I am also in love with that gorgeous envelope clutch…do I smell a DIY? Hmm…


Bright punches of colour are so much fun.


Last but not least…my new favourite designer (and collection), Ulyana Sergeenko, S/S 2012. She keeps classic silhouettes and pairs them with gorgeous floral and sheer fabrics. The clothes are fantastic!

What would you make out of floral?


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