A Dress For A Wedding: Preliminary Sketches and Inspiration

So it’s that time of year again. As the flowers bloom, so do romances! This means that MANY (and I mean MANY) people are either getting together or getting engaged. Something in the air I guess! For me, it means a friend that is very near and dear to me is getting married very soon. As school is finally coming to a close, I decided I would have time to actually make myself a dress (rather than go through the hassle of actually finding something that I like and that fits…).

Recently, I signed up for a course online that actually teaches you (through video) how to make a special bombshell dress that can actually be changed for what ever occasion you desire. I had been wanting to check out this course as I had seen numerous 50% off e-mails from the Craftsy community about it. I am absolutely in LOVE with the bodice of this dress. Its perfectly form fitting and has a sweetheart neckline which I think is so flattering on many body types. The skirt is so customizable. You can basically use any skirt you like for your body type or for a different occasion. The dress is actually based on a burdastyle pattern that can be bought and downloaded online here if you aren’t interested in taking the class. There is also a plus sized version here. Here’s what it looks like!

Cute, right?! If you’d like to learn more about this course click here. Craftsy is a fantastic community for sewers and crafters alike! There is absolutely so much to learn and they are planning on adding more which I find so exciting. You can never have too many opportunities to learn!

Now on to the dress!

I absolutely LOVE bustier dresses. Seeing dresses like these really gets me excited…

My favourite place to find dresses like this is Modcloth. Their dresses are so inspiring! I’m not learning about evening wear until my last year of school but I just love it so much, I can’t help wanting to learn more before I start!

The fabrics I have chosen for this project are left over from a school project (will post on a later date!) which were actually inspired by Zara. The fabric for the top is a poly/cotton blend that has a tiny bit of stretch in it. I actually didn’t even notice it has stretch until I took it home. For the skirt I’m hoping to do a base skirt in self fabric and then an over skirt in a sheer floral (that I am absolutely in LOVE with). Here are some of my prelim sketches to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

And here is my colour palette inspired by the pastels of spring!

I just can’t wait to be finished school and get started! I hope you found this inspiring as well as motivational for your own personal projects!

Next step: The Muslin Fitting! What are you planning on making this summer?


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