Spring/Summer Favourite Trends and Inspiration: Bustiers!

One of my absolute favourite trends that has been popping up lately is bustiers. It reminds me of pin up beauties and glamourous theatre costumes. It is also very reminiscent of evening wear. They’re fun to style as they can be dressed up for an evening out or paired with a blazer and Marilyn-esque pants for day wear.

It is such a cute look that is extremely versatile and able to change with your mood. With the right accessories it can be played with in so many different ways.

It can be done under lace:

You can do floral for a flirty, more casual look:

My favourite look, though, is the one brought to us by D&G; the amazing and gorgeous jewel-encrusted bustiers!

Gorgeous or what!?

SO there you have it. One of my favourite trends for this summer. You can find some of these lovely tops at places like topshop.com, forever21, urbanog.com and specialty stores on etsy sell them as well! How will you style your bustier?



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