Blog Rant

So I’ve decided to alter my resolution (I think that since it’s pre-new years I’m allowed). Since school has been wretched lately I only have to write once a week until Christmas break. So here I am writing this week. So far in my quest for the perfect wardrobe I have found quite a few patterns that I will definitely be sharing next week. Most of them will be from Burdastyle which is an amazing sewing resource for any new or brandished sewer. Some alterations will be made and there will be some awesome experimenting which I can not wait to delve in to! 

Side project: For my Christmas gifts I’ve been inspired by a class on Craftsy to make Amigurumi! More on that to come!


Re-Do Your Wardrobe Step One: Make a List

Over the years my closet has been thrashed and re-hashed so many times. I could not tell you how many times I’ve walked up to my closet and though “wow, I honestly do not want to wear any of the crap in here”! Whether that’s because I genuinely change body size too often (gaining or losing weight) or just from the ideals of our sheer consumerist culture, it’s time to have a wardrobe that sticks. Over the last few months I’ve made a list of exactly it is that I need. I thought about my day-to-day life and exactly what it is that would make choosing my outfits in the mornings easier and more enjoyable.

First, I had to start thinking more long-term. I need basics that are going to last from season to season and that will match with any new trendy top or bottom that gets added. Neutral colours are a must. For me this means: black, black aaaand more black! Black is slimming, black is always in style and black is awesome!

Next, I thought about the things that are currently in style but won’t go out in a month. For example: peplum tops, swing dresses and floral printed anything.

So from there I made a simple list of what I want and need based simply on the things I think I will get the most use out of and what I’d love to have in my wardrobe but can’t afford to buy on a seasonal basis.

Here is the list of pieces I’d like to have in my wardrobe (subject to change):

-Pencil Skirt

-Circle Skirt

-Sleeveless Collar Blouse

-Tulip Shorts

-Shift Dress

-Swing Dress


-Simple Jersey Dress

-Evening Dress

-30’s Style Bathing Suit

-Long Sleeve Jersey Top

-Peplum Top

-Button Up Blouse

-Bustier Style Top

-High Waist Trousers

-Maxi Skirt

So this is the beginning of my list. It’s possible I might decide later I don’t need something or that I need something else but I will do edits in the event of a major mind change. Anyways, that is the beginning of my research. Tomorrow I will post pictures of my findings! Until then, I love you all and I will leave you with a photo of my evening wear inspiration by Elie Saab!


Blogger Update!

So I realize that I’ve been the worst at posting blogs lately…

I’m challenging myself for the Christmas season. This will be some what of a pre-new years resolution that will continue until the next pre-new year.

For me, writing this in a blog makes it official. It makes me accountable to whoever reads this! Whoever you are, you are loved. You must truly care.

So this resolution is a bit of a two-parter. It’s an experiment that I’ve been planning for a long time now and just have not found the time. Finally, I realized that I will never “find the time” and that I should just make the time. That’s how life goes when you’re growing up, I guess.

So here it is:

PART ONE: Blog every day about what I am doing.

– This will include (but is not limited to) ONE (1) Photo. No matter how insignificant. I must document in picture form.

-ONE (1) Paragraph description. The only way to get better is to do it every day! (Practice makes perfect…said everyone’s mother ever).

PART TWO: (The hard part) Redo My Wardrobe

-This is gonna be hard.

-It’s also SO going to be worth it.

– First I’m going to have to do some research. Patterns, styles, classics, etc. I need to figure out exactly where I want my wardrobe to be, what I’m lacking, what I need to get rid of and what is going to last for longer than a season.

-Next I’m actually going to have to make (yes MAKE) each piece. Whether that’s by a pre-made pattern or by my own creation.

So there it is. You’ve read it. I’ve said it.

Tomorrow-It begins. 365 days of it. I will begin my planning tomorrow and post. With a picture because that’s what I’m making myself do! See you then!