Blogger Update!

So I realize that I’ve been the worst at posting blogs lately…

I’m challenging myself for the Christmas season. This will be some what of a pre-new years resolution that will continue until the next pre-new year.

For me, writing this in a blog makes it official. It makes me accountable to whoever reads this! Whoever you are, you are loved. You must truly care.

So this resolution is a bit of a two-parter. It’s an experiment that I’ve been planning for a long time now and just have not found the time. Finally, I realized that I will never “find the time” and that I should just make the time. That’s how life goes when you’re growing up, I guess.

So here it is:

PART ONE: Blog every day about what I am doing.

– This will include (but is not limited to) ONE (1) Photo. No matter how insignificant. I must document in picture form.

-ONE (1) Paragraph description. The only way to get better is to do it every day! (Practice makes perfect…said everyone’s mother ever).

PART TWO: (The hard part) Redo My Wardrobe

-This is gonna be hard.

-It’s also SO going to be worth it.

– First I’m going to have to do some research. Patterns, styles, classics, etc. I need to figure out exactly where I want my wardrobe to be, what I’m lacking, what I need to get rid of and what is going to last for longer than a season.

-Next I’m actually going to have to make (yes MAKE) each piece. Whether that’s by a pre-made pattern or by my own creation.

So there it is. You’ve read it. I’ve said it.

Tomorrow-It begins. 365 days of it. I will begin my planning tomorrow and post. With a picture because that’s what I’m making myself do! See you then!


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