Re-Do Your Wardrobe Step One: Make a List

Over the years my closet has been thrashed and re-hashed so many times. I could not tell you how many times I’ve walked up to my closet and though “wow, I honestly do not want to wear any of the crap in here”! Whether that’s because I genuinely change body size too often (gaining or losing weight) or just from the ideals of our sheer consumerist culture, it’s time to have a wardrobe that sticks. Over the last few months I’ve made a list of exactly it is that I need. I thought about my day-to-day life and exactly what it is that would make choosing my outfits in the mornings easier and more enjoyable.

First, I had to start thinking more long-term. I need basics that are going to last from season to season and that will match with any new trendy top or bottom that gets added. Neutral colours are a must. For me this means: black, black aaaand more black! Black is slimming, black is always in style and black is awesome!

Next, I thought about the things that are currently in style but won’t go out in a month. For example: peplum tops, swing dresses and floral printed anything.

So from there I made a simple list of what I want and need based simply on the things I think I will get the most use out of and what I’d love to have in my wardrobe but can’t afford to buy on a seasonal basis.

Here is the list of pieces I’d like to have in my wardrobe (subject to change):

-Pencil Skirt

-Circle Skirt

-Sleeveless Collar Blouse

-Tulip Shorts

-Shift Dress

-Swing Dress


-Simple Jersey Dress

-Evening Dress

-30’s Style Bathing Suit

-Long Sleeve Jersey Top

-Peplum Top

-Button Up Blouse

-Bustier Style Top

-High Waist Trousers

-Maxi Skirt

So this is the beginning of my list. It’s possible I might decide later I don’t need something or that I need something else but I will do edits in the event of a major mind change. Anyways, that is the beginning of my research. Tomorrow I will post pictures of my findings! Until then, I love you all and I will leave you with a photo of my evening wear inspiration by Elie Saab!



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