Majorly Procrastinated Update!

Alright, so I haven’t been on the blog for a really long time (like 6 months) and I won’t bore you with the details of why. I have a HUGE list of plans for this year so all I’m gonna say is prepare yourself for a lot of major posts this year :). Thanks for sticking with me if you have.


Blog Rant

So I’ve decided to alter my resolution (I think that since it’s pre-new years I’m allowed). Since school has been wretched lately I only have to write once a week until Christmas break. So here I am writing this week. So far in my quest for the perfect wardrobe I have found quite a few patterns that I will definitely be sharing next week. Most of them will be from Burdastyle which is an amazing sewing resource for any new or brandished sewer. Some alterations will be made and there will be some awesome experimenting which I can not wait to delve in to! 

Side project: For my Christmas gifts I’ve been inspired by a class on Craftsy to make Amigurumi! More on that to come!

Life Post!

Hello my friends. I apologize for being so slow to make a new post. Fortunately, it means that real life is actually getting busy! I have a project that I am so excited to share with everyone when it is complete. Normally I would share more about the process before I am finished but all I can really share is our inspirations and colour palette which I will share in a new post later this week! You can also be expecting a DIY very soon!!!

Did I mention I’m doing this project with my best friend Kali, who is amazing and has her own blog?! Check her out here. Seriously.

Anyways, this week I had been searching for a dress form and it occured to me to look on Kijiji…lo and behold I actually found one for $50! It’s blue and beautiful.


So thanks to the person who sold me this! You’re the bomb. SO other than dressformage, I’ve basically been drafting my patterns and trying to enjoy my summer before I go into full design mode. Our fashion show is on June 9th, so there really is no time to waste!

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been up to. Keep checking back here for my new DIY blog post (and video?!) to be coming very soon! What lovely projects have you been up to lately?