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Welcome to our Spring Summer 2014 Giveaway!
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This giveaway is our first and we’re really excited about sharing it with all the people that have supported us and the future friends we hope to make!!

Welcome to Kaydance Kloth!

Hi everyone! In case you were wondering, Tara and I decided to make a video explaining what we’re all about! If you love fashion DIY, style and beauty, please feel free to subscribe to our channel for future tutorials because there will be many of them!

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DIY Crop Top From Tank Top with Alternate Hem


This tutorial came about because it was requested on youtube to teach a finish for stretched fabrics. You can use this technique on intimates and swimwear! Let’s get started!

Supplies you will need to complete this project:

Plain Tank Top

Matching Thread

Sewing Machine


Measuring Tape


Marking Tool (Fabric Chalk or Water Soluble Marker)

Seam Ripper (for mistakes!)

Fabric Scissors

Step 1: Mark on the tank top (on yourself or on a dress form) where you would like to crop it to.

Step 2: Draw a straight line across the tank top where you marked it, making sure to do it on both sides so that it matches back to front.

Step 3: Measure the width of your elastic and make a marking that measurement away from the original line. Ex: my measurement was 3/8″ so I marked 3/8″ away from the original crop line I made.

Step 4: Draw a straight line parallel to the original line at the marking you just made. Repeat step 3 from this line. Make sure to copy the lines on the back of the garment.

Step 5: You should now have 3 straight lines across your garment, matching at the side seam with front and back. Using fabric scissors, cut at the lowest line one layer at a time.

Step 6: Putting the bottom half of the garment aside for another project (stay tuned for our next video for this one!), ensure that the elastic is the right measurement around. Make sure that the elastic is tight enough for you at the waist and cut the length.

Step 7: Take both ends of the elastic and bring them together. Ensure that the rest of the elastic is not twisted and sew both ends together using your sewing machine or a needle and thread if you’d prefer.

Step 8: Folding at the stitch you just made, mark the exact opposite end of the elastic with a pin (see video for visuals). Fold the elastic the exact opposite way so that the pin you just made and the stitch are in the middle and mark either side of the elastic with a pin or fabric chalk.

Step 9: Fold the crop top in half length wise and mark at the hem on the fold. Unfold it and then fold it in half lengthwise in the opposite direction and mark on the fold at the hem again.

Step 10: Take the elastic where you stitched it closed and pin it to one of the side seams of the crop top on the wrong side (or the inside) of the garment.

Step 11: Take the first marking you made on the elastic (which should be exactly opposite to the stitching) and pin it to the other side seam, making sure not to twist the elastic.

Step 12: Pin each of the side markings on the elastic to the centre front and centre back markings on the crop top at the hem.

Step 13: Sew the elastic to the hem of the crop top with a zig zag stitch, making sure to stretch the elastic so that the fabric on top is not bunched at all. Your fabric will tend to curl so make sure to straighten it out as you sew. Back tack at the end.

Step 14: Fold the hem over the elastic once so as to hide the elastic. Using a wider zigzag stitch, sew all the way around the hem again on the elastic at 1/4″ on your machine. Back tack at the end and you’re done!

If you have any suggestions for DIY’s you would like to see, let me know on any one of our social media sites!

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DIY Summer Ruffle Crop Top (Tank Top Reconstruction)

ruffle crop top


There are so many great ways to take something that was once old and useless and change it into something wearable again. Recently I came across the basic tank tops at Forever 21 that cost about $1.80. I thought it might be fun to change it into something trendy and fun for summer. This project is a little bit advanced so I would recommend only attempting it if you have some knowledge and experience with sewing. I have created a video to go along with the instructions so if you need a visual representation, please refer to the time references and link I have provided. Now for the tutorial!

Supplies you will need to complete this project:

Plain Tank Top

Matching Thread

Sewing Machine


Measuring Tape


Marking Tool (Fabric Chalk or Water Soluble Marker)

Seam Ripper (for mistakes!)

Safety Pin

Fabric Scissors

Step 1: Put the tank top on yourself or on a dress form and mark the place where you would like to shorten the tank top to. Use a ruler or a measuring tape to keep your line straight as you mark around the entire front and back of the garment.

Step 2: Take the tank top off the dress form (or yourself) and place it flat down on a table. Use a ruler to straighten out the marking you made and make sure the front and back match at the side seams so it is an equal line all the way around.

Step 3: Measure the width of your elastic. Mine was 3/8ths of an inch. Double this measurement (3/8 + 3/8 = 3/4). Measure from the line you just made towards the hem of the tank top the amount of  your doubled measurement. Draw another line from this line 1/2 an inch away. This will act as your seam allowance so that the top will be at the correct length.

Step 4: Cut a small notch at the side seam where the seam allowance line was drawn and cut the straight line one layer at a time to create the crop top. Put the bottom of the top aside to use as the ruffle later.

Step 5: Fold the hem of the crop top making sure the seam allowance line and the first line you created meet. Pin, making sure that the seam allowance line and the crop line are matching.

Step 6: Set your machine to the zig zag stitch and sew along the line (not over the line but beside it). Back tack on the machine at the beginning and end, leaving about a 1/2″ space between the beginning and the end stitch. If you forget to leave an opening for the elastic like I did, simply seam rip a small amount like I have shown.

Step 7: Wrap your elastic around yourself or your dress form ensuring it is the length you want it and cut at the correct length for you.

Step 8: Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and feed it through the casing that you have just created. Holding the safety pin and pushing it through, pull the fabric over the elastic and continue to feed it through the casing until you find the safety pin again on the other side. Remove the safety pin, holding both ends of the elastic so as to not lose either end.

Step 9: Sew down the elastic ends to each other, back tacking a couple times to ensure a sturdy attachment.

Step 10: Close the casing by zigzagging over the opening.

Step 11: Put the crop top back on the dress form (or yourself) and measure from the highest point to the lowest point. My measurement was 11″. Take this measurement and transfer it to the bottom portion that was previously pushed aside. Mark your measurement on this piece from the hem upwards on both side going all the way across. Cut at the line you drew, one layer at a time.

Step 12: Find the middle on one side of the piece you just cut. Mark it from the top to the hem, drawing a straight line. Cut along this line only through ONE layer.

Step 13: open up the piece so that it is longer width wise than length wise. Find the middle of this and mark it. Take the crop top off and match the marking to the centre front neck line. Pin.

Step 14: Pin the top of the bottom piece to the neck line, stretching a small amount as you go. Stop pinning when you hit the side seams.

Step 15: Sew with a zigzag stitch along the neck line, back tacking at the side seams.

Step 16 (Optional): Tack down the ruffle 2 inches down at the side seams using a straight stitch. Tack at the hem 1/2″ up from the bottom with a straight stitch.

Voila! Now you have yourself a cute summer top that’s good for a bathing suit cover or with a high waisted skirt! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you would like me to create other tutorials, please request in the comments here or on my youtube channel! Thanks for stopping by :).



DIY: Twist Bandeau Bikini Top!



-Sewing Kit
-Sewing Machine
-Stretch Fabric (preferably lycra, made for bathing suits, if you aren’t sure, ask the people at the fabric store)
-Matching thread
-Fabric Chalk (optional, can be useful for marking)
-Fabric Scissors
-Pattern Paper (or just regular/newspaper works)
-Measuring Tape

A Few Tips:
-Make sure to use matching thread or it will show
-Ensure that both contrasting fabrics have the exact same amount of stretch or it will be more difficult to fit and sew
-If there is still a small hole where the twist is, use a hand needle to whip stitch it shut and it should stay just fine.

If you’d like a tutorial for a lined version of this let me know in the comments below and I might just post one!

Also, if you’d like to see any DIY’s or how to’s from this channel I’d be happy to oblige! Just send me a message.

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Music by Kyle Maloney

Fellow Bloggers and Sewing Friends! An Update for You!

At the etsy shop :)

At the etsy shop 🙂

IMG_1417 p76 IMG_1487Hello my lovely friends!

It sure has been a while. I realize I had a few things in my blog that had much potential to continue and I assure you there will be MANY more posts hereafter. After I made a new years resolution to post every day…I of course got caught up in life and, alas, lost touch with the blogging world. It’s unfortunate and happens way too often. However!, I will prevail. Kaydance Kloth is getting a bit of a face lift as well as some additions to its family! First of all I’d like to share that the etsy shop has been MASSIVELY updated and will continue to be updated for the fall season (and beyond!). As well, the youtube channel will FINALLY commence with it’s first DIY/How-To within the week (scouts honour!). Many exciting things are one the horizon. Finally, I’d like to announce the addition of a co-owner to the blog, Tara! She truly is a talented and amazing designer and I believe that she is going to add much more dimension to the Kaydance Kloth brand! So I would like to publicly welcome her! I am so excited for what is to come and I hope you (my dear friends) are too! Look out for a brand new DIY post including a video within the week!