Welcome to Kaydance Kloth!

Hi everyone! In case you were wondering, Tara and I decided to make a video explaining what we’re all about! If you love fashion DIY, style and beauty, please feel free to subscribe to our channel for future tutorials because there will be many of them!

Bonus: if you love free stuff, find us on any of our social media sites and get ready for an amazing giveaway!! See you soon ❤

Fellow Bloggers and Sewing Friends! An Update for You!

At the etsy shop :)

At the etsy shop 🙂

IMG_1417 p76 IMG_1487Hello my lovely friends!

It sure has been a while. I realize I had a few things in my blog that had much potential to continue and I assure you there will be MANY more posts hereafter. After I made a new years resolution to post every day…I of course got caught up in life and, alas, lost touch with the blogging world. It’s unfortunate and happens way too often. However!, I will prevail. Kaydance Kloth is getting a bit of a face lift as well as some additions to its family! First of all I’d like to share that the etsy shop has been MASSIVELY updated and will continue to be updated for the fall season (and beyond!). As well, the youtube channel will FINALLY commence with it’s first DIY/How-To within the week (scouts honour!). Many exciting things are one the horizon. Finally, I’d like to announce the addition of a co-owner to the blog, Tara! She truly is a talented and amazing designer and I believe that she is going to add much more dimension to the Kaydance Kloth brand! So I would like to publicly welcome her! I am so excited for what is to come and I hope you (my dear friends) are too! Look out for a brand new DIY post including a video within the week!