5 Tips: Getting Ready in a Hurry!

1.    No Run Pantyhose/Tights

       place in freezer

       keep in freezer for about 30 minutes before you leave

       no runs in your pantyhose/tights

2.    New Shoes – Slippery Soles

       a cheese grater

       grate your soles

       it gives the bottoms friction so you won’t slip on the dancefloor

3.    Quick Steam

       hang in shower

       place top on hanger and hang in bathroom while you shower

       the steam will press out your creases

4.    No Time For Shower

       dry shampoo to style your non-washed hair

       to add an extra scent spray your fingertips  with an oil based fragrance and run through your hair

5.    Deodorant Marks

       dryer sheet

       rub at the white residue with the dryer sheet to rid of the marks