DIY Thigh High Socks/Stockings


Since we are finally getting warmer weather I thought it might be time to start hoarding all the sweater tights that are on clearance and making a tonne of these! They are a major staple for the mid-level weather. PLUS these things are not easy to find in a regular store, well, at least that has been my experience. On to the tutorial!


Thick or Sweater Stockings (Found mind at Target!)

1″ Elastic

Fabric Scissors

Sewing Machine

Safety Pin

Straight Pins (Optional)

Step 1: Lay your pair of tights on a flat surface. Using your fabric scissors, cut across the very top of where the torso meets the leg. Do this for both legs. Shorten depending on where you would like your thigh-highs to sit on your thigh.

Step 2: Set the top of the tights aside and one of the legs to concentrate on one leg. Take the elastic that you have and wrap it around the part of your thigh you would like the thigh-highs to hit. Ensure that the elastic is tight enough to stay put on your leg but not so tight that it cuts off your circulation. Snip the elastic at the appropriate length and copy this length for a second cut of elastic.

Step 3: Put the elastic aside. Take the top of the leg you are currently working on and put it inside out. Measure down 1 1/2″ from the cut edge. Fold towards the wrong side equally around at the 1 1/2″ mark. (See video if you would like a less confusing demonstration).

Step 4: Stretching the fabric as you go, sewing along the cut edge of the fold you just made with a zigzag stitch to make a casing for the elastic. Make sure to leave about an inch open to put the elastic into.

Step 5: Taking one piece of elastic, attach a safety pin to one end. Push the elastic through the casing while holding the safety pin. Pull the safety pin out the other side, ensuring that the elastic has not twisted. Push whatever elastic is left on the outside of the casing into it by stretching the top of the leg.

Step 6: Take both ends of the elastic and sew them together flat with a zigzag stitch.

Step 7: Sew the opening of the casing closed using a zigzag stitch. Sew around the casing once more, making sure you are sewing on the elastic. Be sure to stretch the elastic on both sides as you go so that when you put the thigh-highs on, the thread doesn’t break.

Step 8: Repeat all previous steps for the second leg.

If you don’t want to waste the top of the tights that you cut off, it could easily be made into a bandeau if you cut off the crotch part. To finish off the raw edge refer to our DIY bandeau blog post!

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Spring/Summer Favourite Trends and Inspiration: Bustiers!

One of my absolute favourite trends that has been popping up lately is bustiers. It reminds me of pin up beauties and glamourous theatre costumes. It is also very reminiscent of evening wear. They’re fun to style as they can be dressed up for an evening out or paired with a blazer and Marilyn-esque pants for day wear.

It is such a cute look that is extremely versatile and able to change with your mood. With the right accessories it can be played with in so many different ways.

It can be done under lace:

You can do floral for a flirty, more casual look:

My favourite look, though, is the one brought to us by D&G; the amazing and gorgeous jewel-encrusted bustiers!

Gorgeous or what!?

SO there you have it. One of my favourite trends for this summer. You can find some of these lovely tops at places like, forever21, and specialty stores on etsy sell them as well! How will you style your bustier?


Learning Curve: Pastel Dreams S/S 2012

So today marked the last day of my first year in fashion school!! Only two more to go. I thought as a good reflection, I’d do a post about my biggest headache this term as it took up most of my time and despite some mistakes, I’m quite proud of what I accomplished in just one semester. If you’re interested in taking fashion design in college, I promise you; IT IS NOT A WALK IN THE PARK. I think a lot of people make that mistake…but I’ll post about that another time.

Our biggest project this semester consisted of getting into groups of four or five people and creating a collection for the S/S 2012 season for a retail store of our choosing. The store had to be a little more expensive (eg. Zara, BCBG, Club Monaco, etc.), compared to last semester we did stores that were quite cheap (eg. Forever 21, H&M, Ricki’s, etc.). My group chose Zara and we settled on the pastels colour palette as it’s quite a hit for this season. We found that Zara really seems to enjoy florals and very classic trends. So naturally, we followed suit.

This was our colour story. Our macro trend we chose was “cinematic” and it was inspired by old movies from the fifties and sixties.

After choosing which direction we were going into, Zara became a big inspiration for our designs. We chose to do a collection that was more streamline. Come time to choose a fabric, we were extremely inspired by a floral print that we found in the fabric district of Toronto. We also chose a pink micro fibre, a mint microfibre, a green/blue poly/cotton and a beige khaki.

The blue floral we had to drop after the loss of a group member but this is pretty much what the fabric story looked like! So from here we had to design based on our inspirations and edit and then drape our chosen fabrics and edit and then change and edit some more!

Here is what the final collection drawing looked like:

And finally after about three weeks of hard labour, we finally finished sewing these garments (after many pattern making woes). Here are the final pieces in the form of photo shoot!

This design is my personal project. The floral really inspired me and it so reminded me of spring and Zara. It has a cute little underskirt in the green/blue polycotton and the shirt is a microfibre. If I could do anything differently, I might not have done a hidden button placket as it was not completely necessary. However, the final look was exactly what I wanted it to be so I was very proud!

Here is the second design complete with pants and floral blouse. Doesn’t it just remind you of spring?

And finally, the jumpsuit! I love the peter pan collar! All of these designs were done by each member of the group. I’m so proud of us and what we accomplished in the end!

Here is the final collection all together!

All in all this semester has been an amazing learning experience! I hope this has been an interesting post for any aspiring fashion designers to see what goes on in the world of design school! I can not wait for next year!

Spring/Summer Favourite Trends and Inspiration: Floral

Here in Northern America, we experience the warming of air that one might like to call spring around this time of year. In Canada, we have experienced the weirdest weather possible for a winter in this area. Christmas was completely green! When we did get snow, it melted almost immediately (for the most part). With warmer weather comes fresh new clothing! This excites me because the new collections and trends express a new beginning. One of my favourites of the many trends is floral. Floral is just SO great because prints are REALLY big right now and how better to express the new season than with GORGEOUS florals?!  So let’s begin the eye candy. Am I right?


The great thing about this dress is the colours of the fabric. Gorgeous, right? I am a big fan of pinks, purples and yellows together.


Floral pants?! Who knew? They’re super cute and bring an awesome touch to an outfit. I am also in love with that gorgeous envelope clutch…do I smell a DIY? Hmm…


Bright punches of colour are so much fun.


Last but not least…my new favourite designer (and collection), Ulyana Sergeenko, S/S 2012. She keeps classic silhouettes and pairs them with gorgeous floral and sheer fabrics. The clothes are fantastic!

What would you make out of floral?